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Transretinal biopsy technique for cytogenetic phenotyping of posterior uveal melanoma

DOI: 10.5677/2012-1-14

Submitted by: Javier Elizalde, MD, PhD

Cytogenetic phenotyping is an internationally-accepted procedure in ocular oncology to determine the metastatic likelihood of uveal melanoma. We describe our effective and safe vitreoretinal surgical technique to obtain a sample of melanomas located posterior to the equator. A three-port 25-gauge microcannula system through the pars plana is used to insert a vitrector or a 27-gauge needle to obtain the tissue, depending on the tumor size. Although minimal bleeding may occur during the immediate postoperative period, we observed no significant intraoperative or short-term complications in conjunction with this procedure.

Keywords: intraocular biopsy, transretinal biopsy, uveal melanoma, cytogenetics, vitrector-assisted biopsy

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Transretinal biopsy technique for cytogenetic phenotyping of posterior uveal melanoma

Javier Elizalde, MD, PhD

DOI: 10.5677/2012-1-14
Institution: Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre, Barcelona, Spain
ISSN: 2191-8473